Enjoying the Beauty of Provence

Last Thursday, I was invited to dinner and a movie by two nice ladies from Paris who I met recently in Apt. At first, I assumed that we would meet in Apt because that is the only place I knew with a movie theatre. But, after further clarification, I realized that the invitation was for me to come to Bonnieux, a hilltop village about fifteen kilometers from Apt. Bonnieux is one of the many fabulous communities in the Luberon region. During my three months in France, I have visited many of these small towns, and my favorite is usually the last community I visited. My first love was Roussillon with its red and yellow clay, perched on a hill about ten kilometers from Apt. On my previous visit to Roussillon, I hiked on the Ochre trail pictured below.

But after I got to know Roussillon, I visited Fontaine-de-Vaucluse with its river, caves, and beautiful gardens, and fell in love again with this gem of a place. I felt like someone dropped me in the middle of a fairy tale where I would live happily ever after.   I rented a Bed and Breakfast in the center of the village and set out to explore this tiny postcard community.